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What Does the Poor Boss?

I have been employed by many various companies and consequently had many various bosses. In this article I will write that, in my opinion, makes the poor boss. I hope that, doing it actually will help other people, which are in management to improve.
My last boss was resourceful character. It had a real shortage of care to its employees and staff goods turnover, for department for which he headed, was extremely high. I often asked a question, why people who were above it, never entered to call in question it as it could not look good for the company as a whole. This guy on Monday morning would ask, as your week end passed, but you could tell only that it was not interesting to it in general and that he at all did not listen to your answer. Actually before you had a chance to finish the answer, he has started to speak about work. I remember it, asking, as the holiday of people was, they will answer, and he always would answer, about thats the good. I could tell that he did not listen to the answer and often hoped that someone, only once, will declare, as badly their holiday was. “About it it is good!”
This guy also was very poor at decision-making. Conversation about irresolute, the word has been invented for this boss. As department we required strong and confident leadership, it was something that we never had with this responsible person.
Communications – the management most part, and unfortunately it was other weakness of my previous boss. I, always would seem, would hear the latest news of the company from friends in other departments before to hear it from my own boss. Their managers always, appear, kept them informed well on any events, the deposit liked to store all information to itself.
I apologise, whether there was this article a little on a negative side. I actually hope that its readers can study something from this, actually that does the good boss!

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